About The Book

Under a Bomber’s Moon is the true story of a New Zealand navigator-bomb aimer with the Royal Air Force and a German night fighter pilot as they fight for success and survival over night time Germany during the bitterest years of the Second World War. In early 1944, after completing one tour of operations and winning the Distinguished Flying Cross for his exploits, the New Zealander, Colwyn Jones, was killed during a raid on Berlin.


About The Night War Over Europe

During the Second World War the night sky over Europe was one of the most lethal places to wage war. By 1945 almost half of the airmen who flew with Bomber Command and a third of the Luftwaffe night fighter crew pitted against them had been killed. Many German cities became moonscapes of rubble, their inhabitants the first to experience the reality of ‘total war’ – itself a glimpse of the destructive potential of the nuclear age about to explode in the Far East.


Contact the Author

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Stephen Harris (right) trained as a journalist, working in New Zealand for the Auckland Star, the Dominion, the National Business Review and later as the Political Correspondent for Radio New Zealand. In Germany he worked as an editor and presenter for Radio Deutsche Welle, and was also Germany correspondent for the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong.

In 2001 Harris joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and recently completed a three-year assignment as Deputy Ambassador in Berlin.

He and his family are now based in Wellington.


Photo, courtesy of Elisabeth Cox, shows the author with Mildenhall veterans John Cox DFC (L) and Fred Coney, at the Bird in Hand pub next to Mildenhall Airbase in May 2008.